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Bill Lee works with owners and managers who wish to earn more bottom line profit and improve organizational productivity.

Bill's consulting roots go back to 1969 when he joined the newly founded South Carolina-based BMA.  BMA's marketing plan included providing consulting services for its customers to earn customer loyalty and as an inducement for them to make a greater volume of purchases from the company.

In addition to a wholesale company, BMA operated 17 retail building supply businesses as well as a computer company that computerized retailers.  By 1986, Bill's last year at BMA, the company had grown to over $640 million in sales.  BMA used its retail stores to test new marketing and operational ideas that if successful were shared with its customer base.

In the mid 1970s, Bill was promoted to a vice president level position at BMA and, as a part of that position, assumed the role of management services director.  Among the seminar programs that BMA provided were inventory control, credit management, gross margin control, loss prevention, sales training and profit planning.

Today, Bill is a highly sought-after consultant.  Perhaps Bill's most popular consulting activity is conducting Business Audits.  In a Business Audit, Bill analyzes a clients financial statements from the past three years and compares the client's results with industry benchmarks he has established.  He also administers psychological tests to the client's key sales and management personnel and conducts interviews with key personnel.

After spending three-to-four days at a client's site, Bill delivers a 25 - 30 page consulting report containing specific recommendations for the client to follow to improve sales, gross margin, and inventory turnover and reduce average accounts receivable collection days and reduce operating expenses as a percentage of sales.  Many clients refer to Bill's consulting report as a roadmap to follow to enable them to achieve their corporate objectives.

Designing incentive compensation plans, marketing plans and hiring strategies are other areas that Bill specializes in.

Bill is also quite active as a family business consultant, dealing with family issues that arise in the course of conducting business.

For more information on Bill's consulting services or for a list of references, please call Lee Resources at 800-277-7888.
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