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Bill Lee’s book, GROSS MARGIN: 26 Factors Affecting Your Bottom Line, will show you and your organization how to enhance your company’s gross margin without necessarily raising prices.  To accomplish this, the author has identified 26 factors that everyone in a retail sales organization needs to know.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can extend beyond just buying better as you attempt to increase your gross margin.  You will receive strategies, tactics and ideas that the world’s most successful retailers use to improve their gross margins and still remain competitive in the marketplace.


  • Avoid guessing at the price the market will bear.
  • Qualify for additional vendor discounts.
  • Most effectively defend your prices.
  • Set your product offerings apart from the competition.
  • Eliminate the confusion between “mark-up” and “margin.”
  • Reduce returned merchandise, mistakes and errors.
  • Determine whether a price objection is real or merely an excuse.
  • Upgrade sales to higher-margin premium products.
  • Create gross margin reports and when to run them.
  • Respond creatively when customers ask for a discount.
  • Design gross margin incentive plans that get results.

Book Includes Special Report:  Gross margins from over 100 nationally-known retailers.

Everyday, retailers leave gross margin dollars “on the table” because salespeople have not learned the basic techniques to boost gross margin.  Not one in a thousand retail salespeople could name even a dozen factors affecting gross margin, let alone all 26.  This lack of savvy on how to improve the gross margin on every sale is costing your company big time.

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