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Bill Lee's 4 1/4 Hour Gross Margin Home Study Course on CD with Bonus Gross Margin Keynote DVD

Bill Lee Sales DVD

Stop Letting $250,000 (or more) of Gross Margin
Fall Through the Cracks...Every Year!

Bill provides the narration for this 4-1/4-hour CD program
that contains 129 Power Point slides.  Your managers and
salespeople will learn how to earn more gross margin on every sale.

OUR GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied with these business building products, Bill will return the full purchase price and you can still keep the DVDs.

Pricing with Quantity Discounts -

One Copy:     $99.97
2 – 5 copies:    69.97 each
6 – 10 copies:  59.97 each
11 or more:  49.97 each

BONUS offer for the first 500 customers:

Receive a FREE copy Bill's One-Hour Gross Margin Keynote on DVD
(terrific for sales meetings or store meetings)

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