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Bill Lee conducts management seminars for owners and managers who wish to improve profitability and with salespeople who wish to generate a higher volume of sales and improve their gross margin.

Over the past 18 years, Bill has conducted over 600 seminars programs throughout North America.  Bill brings over 35 years of experience to his audiences.  His motivational style of presenting keeps his audiences involved throughout the learning process.

The following are Bill's most popular programs:

Management/Sales Program: Keynote Presentation: How to Raise Your Company's Gross Margin without Necessarily Raising Prices.

Management Program: Keynote Presentation: Tactics to Take Your Business to the "Next Level."

Full Day Sales Program: How to Take Business Away from the Competition without Using Price as a Weapon.

Full Day Management Program: How to Protect the Bottom Line in a Highly Competitive Environment.

Full Day Management Program: Hire Your Way to Higher Productivity.


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